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Ugly. Manipulative. Deceitful. Cutting to the quick. Staggering in shock. Wounded by your unexpected, unwarranted assault. Wavering. Shrinking. Sad. Alone. Until a realization occurs. My attacker is a miserable, pathetic wreck. The pain, Temporarily inflicted on me, Will damage you. … Continue reading

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The Nightingale’s Song

Learning to sing a beautiful ballad…a struggle.¬†Wanting to grow from a frightened fledgling to a glorious nightingale, crooning in the glistening moonlight. I knew it would happen.¬†If you kept trying–never giving up–the reward would be great, the artistry astounding, the … Continue reading

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Month 2 Check-In…Back on Track?

If you read my last blog post (Help! I’m way off course…get me back on track!), you know that I’m endeavoring to make some changes in my life by treating my personal development as I would a project at work. … Continue reading

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Stressed Out, Worried, World Caving in Around You?

Here’s the solution: Take a deep breath and take a mental health day. Too often in our current world, we are overly plugged in, always accessible, always aware of the bad and stressful things around us, and working on competing … Continue reading

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Planting Your Seed… Putting it all together

After reading last week’s post (So, How Do you Plant A Seed Anyway), you may be saying to yourself, “that’s all fine and good but how do I apply what you’ve suggested in my daily life? So, this week, I … Continue reading

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Compelled to Write…

For years now, I have had this aching feeling, this burning compulsion to write. I want to make a difference. I want to help people. I want others to thrive. However, and I assume this is not uncommon, I fear … Continue reading

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