Shared from CNBC: Why you should stop telling people you’re so busy

I’ve recently read that rather than “I’m too busy,” it is more helpful to say and think “it’s not a priority for me…”  Using “It’s not a priority” gives us control over our lives and schedules. We each have a choice whether or not to do the thing we believe we are too busy for. That choice may have a consequence but it is a choice just the same.

The CNBC article below also discusses the potential for missing out on opportunities (personal and professional) by creating the perception that you are too busy. Others may also think you’re incapable of effectively managing your time or you could alienate others by saying you’re always busy. For, as the article below says, we are all busy in America in this electronic age.

What could you be missing out on by saying you’re too busy, rather than it’s not a priority? If you have started to change your thinking, what power have you felt by shifting your paradigm from “I’m to busy” to “It’s not a priority”?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comments below.

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