Diary of A New Normal – Day 30 in the Age of Coronavirus

April 13, 2020 – Observations and Thoughts…

My vote for best meme of the year

Never did I ever, think that I would

Be prohibited from worshipping in church on Easter Sunday. I understand the necessity but it pained me not to be able to go to church or take communion and to have to worship at home yesterday, on the most important of Christian holidays.

A question keeps creeping into my mind: if the government can disallow worship in a church during an “emergency,” how much in danger are we of a slippery slope? One of the greatest tenets of our nation, in my opinion, is the freedom of religion. I am both concerned about the infringement on that freedom and understanding of the dire importance to #stayathome right now. However, how might this edict threaten our religious freedom in the future? In the short term, I am relieved to see that in Colorado, at least, the Stay at Home orders have been amended to allow Houses of Worship to remain open, so long as they follow distancing requirements.

Celebrate a holiday without extended family. With the majority of both my husband’s and my families in town, we’ve never spent a major holiday or birthday alone without the company of at least some of our extended family. It’s a privilege I took for granted and now dearly miss.

Color My Children’s Hair. Necessity meet boredom. Necessity dictated the haircuts; boredom, well, you can see what I mean by the adjacent picture. It’s a good time for kids to try new styles and colors. Still, I never thought I’d be the one doing it.

Feel like I’m living on the Wild Frontier. It’s such a crazy time. Jokes and memes abound about the unprecedented situation that encompasses us. Perhaps one of my favorite memes is the one at the top of this post, which was making its rounds on social media the week quarantine started. “Well, what a freaking year this week has been.” Could anyone have said it better?

To me, living in this strange era is also like living in a modern-day version of the Wild Frontier.

  • Bobcats? This past weekend, we heard rumors of a bobcat living on our street. Apparently, neighbors were awakened to the animal in question morbidly devouring another animal and there are reports that this has been going on for some time. We don’t live in the wild, just in a regular suburb of a big city.
  • Bears? In the fall, my husband and I were awakened by the sound of a black bear rooting through our neighbor’s trash bins below our bedroom window. For many weeks, we saw and heard about this bear making our street its home. For almost 20 years living in this neighborhood, we’ve neither seen nor heard bears or bobcats. The closest we’ve gotten were a couple of foxes and a coyote.
  • Hambone Soup? With the shortage of some foods and requests to limit our visits to the grocery store, we’ve had to be resourceful about meals. Last night, I made hambone soup from our Easter dinner leftovers. Before COVID-19, I would have never considered making this soup. I love to cook; don’t get me wrong. But this isn’t my style, takes a fair amount of time and preparation, and I’m not a huge fan of pork. However, this meal turned out way better than I expected and we didn’t waste a thing.
Never did I ever think I’d … make or eat hambone soup
  • Children schooled at home? All parents of school-aged kids are all living this one right now, aren’t we? Makes me appreciate modern-day education and teachers, as well as all the responsibilities and hardships the early pioneers had. We have the benefit of modern technology, communication, and medicine. How would we endure without these luxuries?
  • Going only as far as I can walk on foot? If you would’ve told me six weeks ago that I wouldn’t use a car or step foot in any building outside my home for a month or more, I would’ve thought you were crazy. And yet, here I am; taking very long walks just to get away from my block, driving nowhere, and not entering any other facility.

Consider “taking a shower” my biggest accomplishment of the day. I have good intentions and generally I’m very “Type A” (as I’m sure you’ve gathered) but the longer quarantine goes, the less motivated I am to do basic things like shower or keep up my routine.

At dinner last night, my kids and husband were giving me a hard time about staging too many photos on my blog. “It doesn’t have to look perfect, Mom. That’s not real life!” “You take candid pictures of us but want better pictures of you.” “You told me to take another picture of you without your glasses because you looked like an old lady.” “You staged a pile of games that we didn’t even play for a blog photo …” and so on.

It was good-hearted teasing but I felt humbled. And, you know what? They were right. So, in honor of my kiddos and husband, the picture below is the real quarantined me; donning “loungewear” (aka PJs), unwashed hair, and no makeup. The photo is untouched; no use of filters, cropping or editing.

Funny thing is, as I study myself in the picture below, I actually think I look better without makeup, not trying so hard or frankly at all …

Could this be a metaphor for life?

Hey kiddos. This one’s for you.
Never did I ever think I’d … post a picture of me like this.

#lifeunfiltered #hometogether #thisiscoronalife

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