Diary of a New Normal. Day 7 – in the Age of Coronavirus

Our son and youngest daughter trying to keep busy playing checkers

March 21, 2020 – Observations and Thoughts…

Groundhog Day: Does anyone else feel like they’re reliving the same day over and over again? That sense of melancholy knowing today will be exactly the same as yesterday, and the day before? It’s only been a week and already I wake up with a little bit of dread, wondering how will I stay motivitated today, what can I do, how will the kids keep themselves busy, and how can I pass the time without feeling claustrophobic and bored.

I guess I’m not alone. By the look of Bill Murray’s manic face below, he seems to be in a similar predicament and it helps to think that he eventually woke up from his bad dream.

Columbia Pictures
Bill Murry in “Groundhog Day”. Columbia Pictures

Keeping busy. To combat the “Groundhog Day Blues,” as I’m dubbing them, I opted to keep very busy today: listened to my daily devotion; checked in on my Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn peeps; read the news; paid some bills; cleaned the bathroom; went for a very long walk with my husband and dog; explored the Google Arts and Culture webpage; talked to our pastor and my dad on the phone; lost spectacularly in checkers to my youngest daughter; worked on a puzzle with my son; laid down for a little bit; and now I’m working on this post.

Even with all that, I can’t shake this sad, hopeless feeling. Some if it is the weather. It’s unseasonably cold and has been gray here for three days, which is unusual for Colorado. Going for a short drive with my husband last night was the first time I’ve been out of our neighborhood in a week. I was so excited I changed out of my house leisure wear, opting for my more fancy “might see other people in their car” leisure wear. It was a sight to behold.

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