Diary of A New Normal – Day 10 in the Age of Coronavirus

Match 24, 2020 – Observations and Thoughts…

Quarantine proves to be a great time to catch up on nagging projects…Oh, and learn how to cope

I have been putting off the sewing projects in the photo above for 6-12 months. I have had fabric for the three outdoor pillows since last summer. My son has needed his new rank patch sewn on his uniform and his merit badges and other achievements sewn on his sash for over 6 months. My youngest daughter, who is a huge Disney fan, had asked me to make her favorite t-shirt into a pillow cover last May, because she had grown out of it.

Guilt hung over me for not completing these projects and yet I never made the time to complete them. I knew it meant hauling out the sewing machine and all my supplies and having them sit in the dining room for days or weeks…or months, if I’m totally honest. I knew that none of these projects were quick or easy and I have a terrible tendency to tire of and abandon a project before I’ve finished it.

Because I have had the time the past week or so, and because I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied with more positive things, I sat down over the past few days and just started sewing. For eveything but the patches, I didn’t have plans, designs or patterns. I allowed myself to start sewing without an end in mind. The great thing is that I found myself in an incredible flow, much like when I’m writing about something that inspires me or creating a piece of art. I didn’t know what the end would look like or how I would be able to get there, but I jumped in and started designing the lettering and sewing anyway, and I am loving the results. If I were a deep thinker, all of this could be considered a metaphor for coping with Coronavirus. Interpret as you may 🙂

Four to five hours later and I had completed five projects, without leaving my house or spending any money. I was surprised that I had had all the supplies I needed. And I was left with such a huge feeling of accomplishment for finally tackling these nagging projects.

It was a small victory but I’ll take it during these difficult times!

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