Diary of a New Normal – Day 11 in the Age or Coronavirus

My family huddled around a tablet, video chatting with grandparents

March 25, 2020 – Observations and Thoughts…

We Must Do Our Duty – Others’ Lives Depend on our Selflessness

Read the Associated Press Article “‘Cacophony of coughing’: Inside NYC’s virus-besieged ERs.

This is why we must stay home…and not crowd together as friends in golf carts, or have coughing parties or play dates, or party during Spring Break, etc. Physical Distancing is hard. Yes!

However, we citizens are called upon to do our duty to keep others healthy and safe. When we defy CDC and state/local quarantine orders and guidelines, we are literally putting other people’s lives at risk and pushing an already overloaded health care system and medical providers into extremely dangerous territory (see Associated Press article below).

E Pluribus Unum

We can and must be selfless in the face of this adversity and for the common good. This is an ideal upon which our country was founded. We cannot survive as a community, nation, or world focused solely on our individual needs. The phrase E Pluribus Unum is printed on our currency and it means, “out of many, one.”

This is our battle call. Yes, it is different than in times past. We are at war but our enemy is microscopic and the way we fight is by staying home. We can do this! But, we cannot defeat this enemy with only some people heeding quarantine orders and guidleines. We must be united. We must all do our duty.

Out of many, one.

Photo: Associated Press

‘Cacophony of coughing’: Inside NYC’s virus-besieged ERs https://apnews.com/b08afe589e0d6dae9469c8211157199c

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