Diary of a New Normal – Day 12 in the Age of Coronavirus

To brighten things up, long-overdue outdoor projects are finally completed (clockwise from top left): spring settee pillows, PVC pipe curtain rod painted to look like galvanized steel, created Welcome sign, and then added bunting to (hopefully) brighten the neighbors’ day

March 26, 2020 – Observations and thoughts…

If in doubt, make something pretty. To cope with Coronavirus quarantine, I have read a number of posts and stories recently about families adding Christmas lights outside their homes or signs to their windows, hanging American flags, or adorning their driveways in sidewalk chalk. I’ve even seen that a nearby neighborhood is asking families to put up window displays featuring a teddy bear or stuffed animal, so that neighbors can take their children on a “bear hunt.” All of this is being done in an effort to lift the spirits of people walking by.

I love what I have read and the reactions I’ve seen on social media. What simple things to do to make others happy! So, I thought I’d get in on the game. And, to my surprise, sprucing things up out front ended up having multiple benefits:

  • hopefully made our house more enjoyable to look at for people passing by
  • gave me something to keep my mind, hands, and body busy
  • fulfilled me, giving me a sense of accomplishment for finishing neglected projects
  • satisfied my creative needs
  • modeled positive coping behaviors for our children
  • and created a space for the family to enjoy or retreat to when inside gets too loud or crowded

I still have more projects to complete, like repainting the red table and cleaning off the cushions, but in the meantime it feels so good to put my mind and body to work to create something positive and fulfilling. Staying busy like this has also helped keep my fear and worries at bay.

It causes me to wonder: what would life look like, if every day brought this kind of fulfillment?

#alonetogether #newnormal #thisiscoronalife #hopeinsuffering #strengthinweakness

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