Diary of a New Normal – Day 19 in the Age of Coronavirus

Bursting at the seams – improving workspace for five

April 2, 2020 – Observations and Thoughts…

How can five people all work in one house? It’s not easy but thankfully we have enough space to live and work, where we’re not all in the same room all the time. I keep wondering how people 100 years ago managed quarantine. We are so lucky to be able to receive groceries, medications, necessities, and even health care for our homes. Not to mention, we can stay connected through phone and video calls and can even watch new release movies from our couch. We have some many resources at our fingertips.

Newly spruced up front porch

And yet, it’s still a struggle to find quiet and effective places to work and do school. Like everyone else in the modern world, we’re having to figure it out. On most days, my two daughters work in their rooms, my husband works at the dining room table, and my son rotates between the office, family room, and kitchen. This leaves me frequently looking for a place to work. As you might’ve seen in my post about fixing up the front porch (shown in the image to the left), I created a place out front for the family to work and retreat. I had hoped this could be my space but often the kids are fighting over that respite. And who wouldn’t? It’s quiet, private, you can hear birds chirp, and nobody is in your business.

My “office” – wedged into the tiniest part of our house

So where did I find that works me? A makeshift desk in the kitchen, sandwiched between the pantry and refrigerator. I’m tucked away in a little corner, so I’m somewhat shielded from the “Mom!” “Mom?” “Mom!?” questions coming every three minutes. And thankfully I have a decent pair of wireless earbuds. As you see in the picture to the right, I’m also using a wireless keyboard on my daughter’s lapdesk to help keep my back and neck from screaming at me. This new work area is where I’m currently working on this blog post. It’s not the Taj Mahal. By hey, I’m making it work.

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